Many homes leak heated air in the winter and trap hot air in the summer causing homeowners to crank up the heat or air conditioning to be comfortable. It's like watching your hard earned cash fly right out the windows of your inefficient home. This program will help reduce the energy use in many homes, help Californians save energy, money, and reduce our impact on global and climate change.


Energy Upgrade California encourages homeowners to think of their home working as a complete system, a "whole house", rather than focusing on individual elements within your home. The concept is to seal and insulate your house, and then enhance it.


 The whole house approach will help achieve:


•Lower utility bills

•A more comfortable home

•Reduced energy and water use                                      

•Minimize energy waste

•Improved indoor air quality

•Increased home value

•Reduced impact on the environment


There are two packages offered in this program. The basic package involves completing a predetermined set of retrofit measures to the home for a fixed rebate. The advanced package involves a customized scope of work based on diagnostic testing, contractor recommendations, and homeowner goals. This rebate value depends on the percentage of energy savings modeled for each home and can reach up to $4,000, depending on your utility service provider. The buildings that are eligible to participate are existing single family and small multifamily (up to four units). Non-residential and large multifamily (five or more units) residential buildings will be added later.




What are the benefits of participating? What are the potential savings on my utility bill?


Installing home performance improvements in your home will lead to improved indoor air quality, a much more comfortable environment, and lower utility bills. Energy upgrades focus on the house as a system, not just merely adding insulation or upgrading your HVAC system. Air sealing, insulation, windows, appliances, lighting, ventilation, water heating, pool equipment, occupant’s behavior, heating and air conditioning are all evaluated.  The most cost effective improvements are determined and recommended.


 Energy upgrades can lead to home energy savings anywhere between 10% to more than 60% depending on the homes condition. The best way to learn about the energy savings potential for your home is to have an energy assessment conducted by Cool Air Solutions prior to having improvements installed. During the energy assessment, your energy rater will model your home's efficiency and calculate potential savings. Cool Air Solutions will then provide you with a detailed report on what improvements will provide the most savings your home.



Who qualifies for the rebates?


The Energy Upgrade California rebates are available for single family homes. Apartments where four or more units share a single HVAC system are considered multifamily and do not qualify for any rebates at this time.


How do I apply for the rebates through California's Program?


Cool Air Solutions will apply on behalf of the homeowner for the rebate once the energy saving measures have been installed. Rebates will be provided to the account holder with the utility company. The rebate will then be mailed to the homeowner approximately four to six weeks after completion of the work.


What are the rebate packages?


Homeowners can participate in the Energy Upgrade California Program by choosing between two rebate packages- The Basic Package, and the Advanced Package.


 In the Basic package, a predetermined set of cost effective upgrades are installed in the home. This is to focus on the home's building shell, making sure it is insulated, sealed, and safe.


 The Basic package elements include:


1. Air Sealing

 2. Attic Insulation

 3. Duct Sealing

 4. Hot water pipe insulation, where accessible

 5. Thermostatic shut-off valve

 6. Combustion appliance safety testing including installation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors

 7. Recommended: Low flow shower-head


Advanced package elements include a choice of energy efficiency measure that can be combined based on your house and your needs. The home must be sealed first, all basic package elements must be completed, if they haven't been done already, and then additional measures can be added.


 The Advanced package elements may include:


1. Wall insulation

 2. High-efficiency furnace

 3. Energy-efficient cooling systems

 4. Energy-efficient water heaters

 5. Energy-efficient (variable-speed) pool pumps

 6. Dual pane energy-efficient windows

 7. Cool roofs

 8. Whole house fans

 9. Energy STAR labeled ceiling fans

 10. Energy-efficiency hardwired interior and exterior lighting fixtures

 11. Other energy efficiency improvements that are permanent or "fixed" to your house.



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