Heat Pumps


A heat pump is a central air conditioning and highly efficient heating system that will “extract” heat from the air in the winter time for cost effective heating comfort in all but the most severe winter climates.


Heat pumps are a high-efficiency way to heat your home during summer and winter, and Rain or Shine is your #1 choice for heat pump service, installation, and maintenance. Instead of generating energy, heat pumps move air from your home’s interior to the outside—and vice versa. During Southern California’s hot summers, a heat pump transfers hot air to the outside of your house, cooling the indoors without using much electricity. During our short winter season, your heat pump efficiently uses power to heat outdoor air and warm your home’s interior. We like heat pumps because they are an energy-efficient, single-system way to manage indoor comfort. You’ll like them because they are reliable and economical to use! Tailoring home climate solutions to your home style and equipment budget, Rain or Shine's indoor comfort specialists determine whether a heat pump is a wise way to cool and heat your property. Once your heat pump is installed, count on us for full-service maintenance—or emergency repairs on the rare occasion your heat pump malfunctions.

While we repair, tune and service all makes and models of gas furnaces and central heating units, we proudly provide many manufacture option of furnaces for our new equipment installations.

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Rheem Classic® Series Heat Pump

Rheem Classic Plus® Series Heat Pump

Classic® Series heat pumps are available in ENERGY STAR® qualified models that offer at least 15% to 25% higher energy efficiency than standard models—and come with the innovative PlusOne™ Comfort System for silent operation. Learn more about Rheem's Classic® Heat Pumps

Classic Plus® Series heat pumps fit your needs with select ENERGY STAR® models that reduce your utility bills and a Demand Defrost feature on select models to minimize run time in colder weather—and come with the innovative EcoNet™ Smart Home System

Learn more about Rheem's Classic Plus® Heat Pumps

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Money Saving Heating Tips!


Changing your air filter once in the cooling season and once in the heating season will help keep your equipment running clean and efficient. A precision tune-up and safety check on your heat pump can save you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy, extend the life of your equipment and keep your family safe all year long.




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