Wall/Floor Furnaces


Replacing or improving a furnace can deliver steady savings over the life of a heating systems life span, but efficient heating isn’t only about money.


Because today’s furnaces burn less fuel to generate heat, they are less polluting than their predecessors. Some models with modulating heat output can produce heat more continuously than older furnaces, increasing comfort and uniform heating through out a home. Contact Rain or Shine Heating & Air Conditioning today to Schedule a Free Estimate and let a trained comfort consultant help you decide what will best fit your needs.

At Rain or Shine we repair, tune-up and service all makes and models of gas furnaces and central heating units, we proudly provide Williams Wall and Floor Furnaces for our new equipment installations.

Wall Heater

Floor Furnace

Wall Furnaces are natural gas and easy for our installation technicians to install – they can be surface mounted or recessed in the wall. Requiring no floor space and no electricity.


Whether it’s for a remodel, new construction, or any place where space is limited, a Floor Furnace efficiently warms the room without the need of a blower. Designed for low fuel consumption, these floor furnaces are either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, and proudly Made in the USA.



Money Saving Heating Tips!


Changing your air filter once in the cooling season and once in the heating season will help keep your equipment running clean and efficient. A precision tune-up and safety check on your heat pump can save you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy, extend the life of your equipment and keep your family safe all year long.


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